With perfectly balanced clean style Kava theme becomes a natural choice if You’re looking for the theme to be easily transformed into E-Store, for example.

Kava contains 30 demos as for now, and we’re planning to release more! Except astonishing demos, Kava theme has more and more beneficial features for users, business, companies, developers, bloggers and other categories of users. Even if you are an absolute beginner in website building, you’ll appreciate Elementor page builder’s simplicity and comfortable visual mode. Jet plugins were specially developed to provide users with additional functionality in this page editor. Jet plugins main advantage is containing modules which are not included in standard Elementor bundle.

There Are No Limits to Define Your Style.

Add multiple WooCommerce widgets presented as pre-designed modules and equip your store with breathtaking widgets and elements, necessary for successful online trading. Your customers will appreciate your site look and definitely recommend it via their social media accounts. There are limitless options, which can be implemented. Kava theme fully meets the requirements of responsiveness to display your web site perfectly on all devices. Kava will adapt your site automatically, so your visitors will be able to enter the site from either mobile phone or stationery PC.


High Resolution Is Crucial

You get professionally prepared high resolution images with Kava. Your visitor’s screen size is detected and re-scaled version of your web page automatically delivered accordingly. You also get many other useful features.

Quick Updates for Better Editing

Kava is a unified mulipurpose theme with tons of options, features, innovative tools, high-quality images, top-notch plugins and many other elemets. Add multiple WooCommerce widgets presented as pre-designed modules and equip your store with breathtaking widgets and elements.

Lifetime Subscription gives you much wider opportunities of using the theme and its benefits. There is such an amazing service as lifetime updates of all plugins. Kava is equipped with such stunning plugins as JetElements, JetMenu, JetBlogs and other Jets. Besides, you will get all your plugins updated as well. This feature is great, because all of our plugins are beeing upgraded constantly.

You Get More with Lifetime Subscribtion

We enhance them with additional features, options and add brand-new tools, so your theme would work much better. Another benefit of lifetime subscribtion is access to all demos. In future we’re planning to update our demos collection with new items. Our today’s collection includes 30 demos. Their main characteristic is that they fit almost every topic. There are either variants for online shops, blogs, business companies and sport clubs. If you’re planning to expand your business spheres, this may be an attractive bonus for you!

Top-notch Blogging Tools at Hand

Kava is a unified mulipurpose theme with tons of options, features, innovative tools, high-quality images, top-notch plugins and many other elemets. With its affordable price it is more than beneficial for every user!

Kava is one of the most easy to use themes for WordPress, being at the same time incredibly functional! It fits either beginners, developers and bloggers. Stunning demos were designed by the best experts!

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